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Khalid, have you seen this paper:

McCullough, B. D., McGeary, K. A., & Harrison, T. D. (2006). Lessons from the JMCB Archive. Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking, 38(4), 1107.

It's a study of the Journal of Money, Banking and Finance, which had a replicability workflow requirement for decades. They studied how well that worked. They were able to replicate 6 out of hundreds of articles that were published under this policy. After JamesHowison mentioned this to Paul Edwards, he wrote a great summary and discussion. Some of the socio-technical problems you are exploring solutions to probably come up in the paper.

Katy Borner has published numerous papers on her Network Workbench tool. Here is an extensive list of her papers:

Also, many of her tools are valuabe for visualizing large data and may be worth looking into, particularly Network Workbench and Cishell .

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